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The tradition of using heat to treat the body still plays as critical role in today's body therapy treatments, as it did as far back as 500BC. Heat can increase the body's metabolic rate, relax muscles, relieve pain and calm the psyche.


Paraffin Wax Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage


One of our most popular body treatments!

This ultimate pre-heat treatment for the back is excellent for a deeper tissue massage. Great for relieving musclar tension and pain.


(45mins) £45.00


Swedish Massage


Works on the muscule tissue to release tension and stress using manual pressure.


Swedish Full body

(1hr) £65.00


Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder

(30mins) £33.00


Hot Stone Back, Neck & Shoulders

(30mins) £39.00


Hot Stone Therapy

(1hr)  £68.00 


Full Body

Balances, calms and soothes. Experience the ultimate relaxation therapy.

The heat from the stones helps your muscles relax, allowing the massage therapist to manipulate your deep tissues more effectively. Overly tense muscles can hinder the massage procedure, so if your muscles are extremely tight or stiff, the heated stones may provide the extra relaxation you need for the massage to be beneficial in releasing tension and easing sore muscles. While all types of massage can help relieve pain caused by tense muscles, stiff joints or injuries, a hot stone massage may provide greater relief due to the intense nature of the massage. Because the hot stones allow the massage therapist to penetrate deeper, you may find that a hot stone massage leaves you feeling physically better than a Swedish or deep-tissue massage that does not incorporate heat. It is important to let your massage therapist know if you feel that the heat from the stones is too much or that the pressure he is using is too harsh. Pain or discomfort during the massage process can cause more harm than good after the massage is over.



- Muscle relaxation

- Pain relief

- Improved circulation



Can be added to other treatments - just ask.



Indian Head Massage (45mins) £43


 Indian Head Massage focuses on massaging acupressure points along the head, neck ad shoulders. Using circular massage strokes to improve hair and scalp condition.




aids in the relief of migraines

promotes hair growth

stimulates lymphatic drainage

relieves insomnia and fatigue

relieves symptoms of anxiety & depression

renews energy levels

boosts memory capabilities


Body Exfoliation (45 mins) £35.00


Give your body the exfoliation it needs! An oatmeal and rice bran powder gently and effectively whisk away dead skin cells.  You'll leave this therapy with silky, heathier skin.

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