Skin Needling & Hydra Stamp Therapy


Skin Needling (also know as Collagen Induction,

Derma-rollering microneedling or Derma Needling). It's a minimally invasive, non surgical and non ablative treatment that punctures the skin with tiny needles to create micro wounds that assist product absorption and trigger collagen production leading to facial rejuvenation.


The needles, which are in a roller, pen or stamp, are made from either Surgical Steel, which is the best quality in terms of stability and strength with a low risk of an allergic reaction, or Titanium which is less expensive but equally as effective as Surgical Steel.


The number of needles on a roller can vary from 50-500. The thickness or gauge of the needles can range between 0.15mm and 3mm. Large needles are better as they don't blunt or split as easily as sharper needles are better for penetrating the skin and are, therefore, more comfortable for the client.


Dermaroller/dermapen/dermastamp treatments all require a course (2-4 treatments).

It is beneficial to get an exfoliation treatment 7 days after treatment to remove dead skin cells during the rejuvenation period.

We apply a topical anaesthetic cream to the skin to avoid any discomfort during the treatment.

Derma-rolling is a treatment which uses a roller covered with tiny micro-needles which penetrates through the top surface layer of the skin, creating channels without causing damage to the skin.

Treatment serums are applied to the skin via the channels formed from the micro-needles.

Derma-rolling is undertaken in order to treat a number of skin conditions and the treatment uses the body’s own natural healing process to help reduce the appearance of

• Wrinkles
• Skin rejuvenation – fine lines, crows feet etc
• Scars
• Acne Scarring
• Sun damaged skin
• Uneven skin tone -Hyper Pigmentation & Melasma
• Stretch Mark Removal
• Cellulite
• Hair loss
• Scar damage from surgery or accident

During the healing process the serums penetrate deeper into the lower levels of the dermis (where the collagen is produced) and help regenerate the new skin cells. Collagen and Elastic production in the skin is escalated and this helps in the reduction of skin imperfections which makes the skin –

• Younger looking
• Smoother
• Healthier
• Brighter

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